Golden Star casino.

Table games at Golden Star Casino

Free table games at the Golden Star casino. Table games are the mainstay of the casino content available. Online casino Golden Star offers users the to plunge headfirst into gambling entertainment. Each game corresponds to a category on the site: roulette (European, American and French), blackjack (including the popular version of Jacks and higher), hold'em, Caribbean poker, and craps. Gambling is also available in a free version. Of course, the user can play for money and even get lucrative bonuses for a minimum deposit.

Roulette and its varieties

Online roulette in the casino. Roulette is a casino table game with event-based betting. The familiar table of 37 or 38 cells has long since "moved" into the virtual space. On the site of the Golden Star casino players play:

  1. European roulette. Table with one zero and the usual format of the cells. The user bets on the colour, the winning sector's location, or place chips between the cells.
  2. French. This type of roulette is only slightly different from European roulette.
  3. American Roulette. Unusual differences include betting insurance and double zero.

These table games are available for free game after registration.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack online. The familiar game of "21-O" or "Score" is familiar to players. The goal is to get a combination of less than or equal cards to 21 and still beat the dealer's combination, which the casino plays. The value of the cards in the points does not differ from the usual format. The user can double the bet or divide the cards.

Of the distinctive varieties, the Jacks or Better format is worth noting. The first prize combination on the blackjack is a pair of jacks and any "pictures" higher in the hierarchy. Depending on the format, the user's own strategy varies. You can get acquainted with the game in demo mode.

Online poker

Online poker at the casino. The card game that holds tournaments is also popular at online casinos. Golden Star gives players a choice of several variations of this game:

  1. Hold'em. The familiar 5-card format, with an extra hand and three streets after the flop, turn and river. Blinds and betting on the preflop.
  2. Caribbean Poker. One of the most common rotations in online casinos. The game is played against the dealer. The gambler's task is to make up a 5-card hand, which will be older than the batten. A table with the odds is available in the slot machine itself.
  3. Trey poker. Online poker where is used a three-cards variation.

The poker game on the Golden Star casino is against the slot machine and not a pool of players, which should be taken into account before the party. You can get acquainted with the selected format for free.

Craps game

Craps game in the casino. Gambling table games don't have to be complicated and confusing. An ordinary game of craps can also bring a considerable sum to the user. The gameplay process is extremely simple - the gambler selects a bet, presses the button to start the party, and then a certain result comes up; it has to be bigger than in the slot machine.

Golden Star Casino supports responsible gambling because gambling should remain entertainment, a hobby, and not a key income source. Besides, the administration reserves the right to change the site's key rules without notifying the players themselves directly.